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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rainy Tuesday...

     Rain, rain go away....oh, wait a minute; we NEED that rain!!! Our little backyard garden is SO very thankful for a good, long drink! LOL!!! Good morning and Happy Tuesday, cottage friends!!! We have been getting a good soaking rain since last night around 9:00 or so. We had some lightning and thunder last night, but now it is just dark and drizzly out there. I was supposed to go to Wine Cellar Park this morning for a special meeting of my Ladies Bible Study group, however I do think that will be cancelled. So I am just having a second cup of good, hot coffee and enjoying my time here on my computer blogging and visiting with everyone on Facebook for a while. 
     I am feeling a bit sluggish this morning; no doubt due to our soggy weather. I am one of those people who just loves to nap on rainy days. I do have work to get done around here but I know that I will most likely get in a little snooze this afternoon sometime. I am thinking of watching some of my old favorite movies while folding laundry later on. I haven't watched Heidi in a while so I might have to pop that one in! (smile)  
     I am leaving you with a picture of my little Avocado tree that I grew from a seed. It is the first time I have ever successfully grown one though I have tried many times before. It does take a long time for them to finally sprout. This one took a couple of months and lots of watering and sunshine. I am hoping that it grows really BIG! I know that it will most likely never produce Avocados, but I am looking forward to having this pretty tree among my houseplants in our dining room. I will close for now but am wishing you all a pleasant day and hope that you will accomplish whatever you set out to do with much joy and gratitude! 

Much Love and Stay Cozy! 

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