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Friday, August 14, 2015

Front Porch Friends

     Good mornin', good mornin' to you!!!!Hope everyone is having a great one so far! I am up and have had my toast and some coffee and am currently having fun visiting with everyone on FB! I truly enjoy my little morning routine!!! It is so good to "see" friends and family and catch up a bit with everyone over there! 
     Yesterday we had a surprise visit from some of our very favorite homeschool friends!!!! It was so cool as I had been chatting a bit on FB about how I missed friends and neighbors just stopping by for visits on the front porch. We stayed inside for most of the visit, but my hubby just couldn't resist showing off our veggies in the back yard and sharing some 'maters and peppers with them. We sure had fun talking and laughing and just catching up with each other face to face for a while!!!! 
     Speaking of  front porches; I am sharing another one of my pictures from a couple of weeks ago when I spruced up our pretty front porch with some beautiful bedding that I am no longer using in our bedroom to take some long-overdue pictures out there. This morning I would like to introduce you to Isabella; Queen of Spain! She is my lovely Uneeda Spanish Queen doll from 1969! She was one of my favorite dolls and BOY was I so surprised that Christmas morning when I found her waiting for me in our living room!!! She is just as beautiful today as she was way back then; don't you think? 
     Well, I will close for this morning but hope to be back tomorrow with another mini-post for you all. I do enjoy blogging but will just have to keep working on getting back in the habit of writing again~lol! Wishing you all a wonderful Friday and a sweet weekend!!! ((Hugs)) 

Stay Cozy!

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