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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday Thoughs

     Good morning sweet cottage friends!!! Well, here I am back at the old you thought you'd never see hide nor hair of me again but here I am~lol! I have really been having some rough days with my hands hurting and being numb lately but I am trying to push past it and do so long to be active with my writing/blogging again. I do read your beautiful blogs at least once a week at the good old Blogger dashboard so I am not completely out of the loop.
     We have been having a very pleasant summer here~lazy, but pleasant! Our little garden is doing well and the weather has been fairly enjoyable even with the long stint of rain we had back in early July. Our tomatoes really LOVED that and as a result are really sweet and juicy! 
     I am going to try and post a little something each morning again. I really do miss writing and blogging about our life around here. I am hoping that it will help my hands and my brain fog as well. For now I will leave you with some photos I took a couple of weeks ago on our good old front porch. Hope that you all are having a great week!!!! 

Stay Cozy, 

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