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Living Room
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Friday, September 4, 2015

Time of the Season.....

     Happy Friday, cottage friends! I am just sitting here enjoying the last few sips of my coffee and reflecting on the sweetness of  the morning stillness. You all know this is my very favorite time of the day! I was just thinking about how sweet our summer has been. No major drama or anything really too exciting; just the gentle grace of ordinary days! Our little garden has produced enough to help with our veggie needs, Caleb and Robin have really bonded over lawn care this year, we have had fun days with family and friends stopping by; so many good memories! It has been most lovely, indeed! 
     Last night the three of us went out to supper at The Cracker Barrel restaurant nearby. My sweet hubby Robin had Baked Steak and Gravy, son Caleb had a big Rib Eye Steak and I had Breaded Fried Shrimp~MMMmmm!!! When we got home I got out my cinnamon candle and burned it for the first time this season. I had switched over to a floral Lilac scent for the Spring/Summer season and had really been enjoying that beautiful aroma, but last night's visit to the good ol' CB sparked my interest in all things Autumn to the next level~lol! As the fragrant spice wafted through our house I realized how truly ready I am for Fall! I am even going to hang up my new wreath today and start changing out the flowers on our front porch. There is just something magical about this time of the year! 
     I want to take a minute to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day weekend!!! We are planning a cookout here tomorrow with our children and their families and we have one of our Grandsons coming over to spend the weekend with us tonight, as well. My hubby is out right now getting our good old van inspected and a fresh new sticker put on it. We have annual vehicle inspections here in WV. My son is still asleep upstairs and the house remains still for the moment, anyway. Life is very serene for now and I am loving it!!! Sending you much love, hugs and prayers for your day and your weekend!!! 

Stay Cozy,