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Living Room
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Cozy Home School (Est. August 2006)

This page is about our Homeschool Journey here at our Cozy Home Cottage

We began homeschooling our youngest son in 2006. Caleb had attended a Christian Pre-School/Day Care from the time that he was 2 during my days of attending the University of Charleston where I was pursuing my BA degree in the field of Interior Design. He LOVED his "school" and they all LOVED Caleb. The instructors and care givers were always impressed with his sweet nature and the way he loved to learn. He had such a great experience with them! When I graduated UC it was also time for Caleb to "graduate" from the Day Care. He would be starting Kindergarten in the fall of 2004 and he was SO very excited to be going to "Big School". Because of the changes in the school system, the push to put him on "medication" for ADHD (he is an active, but very attentive Kinesthectic learner), and much ado over an incident where he "shot" (finger pistol style) a ferocious "bear" (little girl that snuck up on him and growled as she pretended to be a bear) which resulted in 3 days suspension (PS-the "bear" did NOT get suspended)~well, we just decided that homeschooling was our BEST option. We were already doing 3-6 pages of "homework" with him every evening~while he was crying and complaining that he was tired. He is now FREE from the medication that made him lose his appetite, caused him to have BAD dreams, made him cry and took his playful spirit. We are so happy that we have him home and that he is learning at his own pace and that we can now focus on learning according to his interests. Homeschooling was the BEST decision we could have ever made!