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Living Room
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Friday, May 14, 2010

A Bath Blog

Hello friends of mine,

I have been meaning to start posting more photos from around my Cozy Little Home and the other day someone asked me a question concerning the way my bath is decorated. Well, I broke out the camera and snapped a few pictures. As you all know, my favorite colors (the ones that make me smile) are the pretty pastels that can be found in a spring garden. These colors can be found all through my house and my bath is no exception. Here are the photos:

The wall paper on the top half of the walls was here when we moved in and we have kept it because the neutral tones go well with the flooring. Another plus is that the neutral color makes changing accessories, towels and rug colors very easy. The little chest beside the, um, potty :-} is wonderful for storing extra rolls of paper. The small basket on top of it makes a great place for after bath lotions, a candle and the can of air freshener. It is a simple room and not one that will be featured in any magazines any time soon, but it has a certain charm that is sweet to me. Just thought I would share it with you. Hope you are all having a BEAUTIFUL Friday!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wishing You a BEAUTIFUL Mother's Day

Dearest ones,

I have not been by here to post anything for a bit, but I wanted to take a few minutes today to wish each of my sweet blog friends a Happy Mother's Day!!! I spent Wednesday with my momma and daddy and we had just the BEST visit together! We had a nice lunch with some of her good cherry cobbler for dessert. We took time to have a long walk around the yard to look at all of her newly blooming coral azaleas and the rhododendron that I got her about 16 years ago; they were LOADED with blooms. She shared some newspaper articles that she had saved for me. It was just filled with the kind of moments that make being mother and daughter so special. The very kind of sweet moments that our mind saves for remembering to get us through the hard times that are sure to come into our lives. If you are a momma, I wish that today you will take time to spend with your sons and daughters. If you are a grown daughter or son and your momma is still with you, my wish is that you will have a wonderful day with her. I know that some of you have lost your own mommas or children and I am hoping that today you are able to think about all of the sweet memories that you made while you were together on this road called life. Our mommas are our FIRST friends and our BEST friends and we learn so much from them in our lives. As mommas we give the BEST we have to be the MENTORS and FRIENDS that our children need. I hope that, however you spend today, there will be LOTS of special memories made with your families.

Love and Hugs,