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Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday, Monday......

     Good morning and Happy Monday my lovelies! Well, I hate to tell you all this, but all of my weekend entertaining with my sweet little grand-girl finally caught up with me yesterday. My Fibromyalgia flared in a RAGE!!! I felt just like someone had pushed me down a mountain and then ran over me with their four-wheeler~OUCH!!! I did make myself get in that kitchen to prepare the homemade biscuits and gravy that I had promised her, my hubby helped and he fried up a big pan of bacon for us, too. I am SO thankful to God for that man!!! I took her picture on the front porch in her favorite dress-up outfit, too but then I had to retire to my sofa for a nice L-O-N-G nap! Her pawpaw took her home so I got to sleep for a good while in the afternoon. I do love having my grands around, but I am just not the great "entertainer" that I used to be when the older ones were little. :-( 
     When I woke up from my nap I watched some HGTV and had a little chicken salad sandwich. I got an old decorating book down off my "design library" shelf to look through and just enjoyed a little time to myself. The book is one that my mom gave me a few years ago; New Creative Home Decorating by Hazel Kory Rockow, Ph.D. Mom bought it when she was a young homemaker in the 1950s but the design basics and advice given remains true to this day. If you ever run across a copy it is a good one to read. 
     I am feeling a bit better this morning, but still pretty achy and my hands keep going numb so it has taken me a while to type this post. I am determined, however to not give up my daily blog notes! Wishing you all a lovely Monday!!!! I will leave you with a picture of my pretty grand-girl to make you all smile! 

Stay Cozy, 

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