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Friday, January 26, 2018

Journal for Friday, January 26, 2018

Happy Friday!!!! Hope you are all feeling good and ready for a little fun and relaxation this weekend! I will be working on my handmade Valentines for the little exchange group I joined. I woke up this morning ready to get started on them and I now have my design drawn out on paper as my guide. Funny how I still get excited over Valentine cards even at the age of 57! There is something so sweet and child-like in those pretty hearts and flowers done up in the colors of red, pink and purple; even the thought of them makes me smile. 😊💜💖
I had just finished my morning toast and coffee and got the urge to get in here and post my daily journal. I am enjoying this, even if I get busy some days and forget. It is giving me something different to do and it does get me back to some form of that a word??? LOL!!! Oh well, here we go for today...
What's Happening:  Today I have my regular housework ahead; sweeping, a load of laundry to fold, a little light dusting. As I have mentioned in my intro, I am also starting to work on my little Valentine cards. 
What's For Supper:  Tonight I am planning some kind of good soup. I am not sure right now but am leaning toward homemade Chicken and Noodle. Last night's Salisbury Steak was a HIT!!! My hubby had two plates!!! Makes you feel good when what you cook is really appreciated! 
What am I Reading or Watching: I watched Kelly and Ryan this morning. I plan to read a devotion after while and maybe a little poetry. I have put Little Women down for a while. I do that a lot; start a book and then grow weary of reading it. I will probably pick it up again in a couple of weeks. 
Today's Weather: I am truly looking forward to today's forecast!!! High: 60℉ !!!; Low: 38℉ ;Partly Sunny ;Wind: Northerly 9% Maximum; Chance of Rain/Snow: 0% in other words: GORGEOUS!!! 
Fibro and Arthritis Update: I am feeling no where nearly as stiff and sore as yesterday.  Fibro Pain: Low to Moderate, Arthritis Pain: Low to Moderate, Energy Level: Moderate, Brain Fog: Low to Moderate
Chores for Today: Folding a load of laundry, light dusting, a few dishes to rinse of and put in the dishwasher and sweeping the kitchen floor with a broom. No vacuuming today.  
Phone Calls and Visits:  My sweet granddaughter Tamika called last night to talk a bit. That made me so happy! No calls yet today. 
Drives, Walks and Outings:  None planned for today...
Pretty Picture for Today:   A little (very early) Vintage Valentine just for you all. This was given to my dad by my mom the first year they were married in 1955!!! They had only been married a few days as their wedding date was February 11th of that year. I just always thought this card was so cute! 💗💖💝💓

Hope that you all have a super "sweet" day!!!

Stay Cozy, 
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