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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pretty House Plans....dream a little dream with me......

Good morning, sweet friends!

     I got up this morning and got my son off to his class at Vocational school, had some coffee and toast and started reading my email~yes, I still do email in the mornings~lol! I get a lot of your blog posts by email link and I love to read through them each morning. I also get some from various web sites I have subscribed to through the years and I do admit that there are WAY too many of those. Sometimes I read them and sometimes they get deleted. Whether or not I read those depends on a few factors; how long it has been since I last visited the site, how interested I am in the content of their email and (most importantly) my mood that particular morning. This morning I got an email from e-plans and decided to see what was new over there. I do enjoy looking at their beautiful house plans and dreaming a bit. This one really caught my eye:

Queen Anne 5 Bedroom 2 Story

     Isn't it GORGEOUS! I love the turret, the wrap-around porch and all that beautiful trim work! It is a total of 4,988 square feet of living space which is WAY more than we need, but it is nice to dream about all of the family gathering here for holidays and birthday dinners!!! If you want to know more about it just click on this link: 

     I hope that you are all having a beautiful day and are enjoying this last full month of summer time. We have 38 days until it is officially Autumn again! I am really looking forward to those cooler days here! Until next time....

Stay Cozy, 

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