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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What in the World????? Who Messed Up BLOGGER?????

What the.....hello fellow bloggers....I posted earlier this morning and got ready to share the post on my Facebook page. When I pasted the link onto my page a photo of people who I don't even know showed up! WOW, what is going on with that? I know that it has been some time since my last post, but I never expected that things had changed here so drastically!!! What is going on and can someone please help this simple-minded country girl deal with and understand what I need to do in order to simply share a post. From my understanding I need to integrate my Blogger and Google Plus accounts and then be reassigned a new blog link? Will I lose everything from my blog? Will I have to start all over again? I am almost in tears right now! Too old for all of these changes....I just need life to remain as simple as possible. I need lots of help right now. Please leave any helpful (and simply worded~no code terms please) advice in the comments. (sigh) :-( 
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