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Thursday, August 4, 2016

This is Our Life

Good morning, sweet blog friends, 

     Here in WV the sun is shining, the cat has been fed, I have my coffee and have been visiting friends on Facebook; life is good! Not a lot that is new around here; we did go out to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant yesterday evening and took a little drive. That is one of our very favorite things to do. We usually keep the eating out to once a month and then I cook the rest of the month.  I am hoping to start taking my little camera out with me whenever we go for drives to capture some photos for my blog like I used to. I do like to include pictures with my posts. My husband made our monthly shopping trip to SAM'S Club earlier in the day yesterday and bought our meat and supplies for the month. He has been separating and re-packing the meat into smaller portions this morning using the vacuum sealer. That thing is a real food saver! 
     Our son will be starting to classes at a local Vocational Tech school on Monday! He is a senior this year and still a home school student. I am so glad that he has done so well with his schooling and is now looking to the future and making plans about what he wants to do for a carreer. He has LOTS of dreams and hopes for the future and would love to someday edit video games, movies, videos and more. He has even said that it would be fun to do some voice-over work, too. But for now he will be studying computer programming and repair in one class and taking the CISCO course offered there, also. This is very exciting news for him and also a bit unnerving as he is a bit anxious about doing well and taking the tests. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that he will do well. 
     I am thinking that we will probably have some kind of casserole for our supper tonight. Either that or spaghetti. I like to start planning our evening meal early in the day so that I don't feel rushed at the last minute to come up with something to fix. I used to do that a lot when I was younger~LOL! I have tried to do menu plans in the past, but found that they were not my style. I do, however, have some family favorite menus that I use from time to time. I often pair up the same meat, veggie and side dish combos like my mom used to do for us growing up. I still find myself doing mashed potatoes and green beans with my meatloaf and also with my fried chicken just like she did. I still tell her, daddy and my mom-in-law that I love them and miss them almost every day. I guess I always will. I like to think that Jesus passes that message along to them for me. 
     That is all for now but I hope to be back tomorrow with another little post. This is wonderful for keeping my mind in writing mode and it does challenge me to take more notice of all those dear little things around me that make life so precious. I hope you all have a bright and blessed day! 

Stay Cozy, 
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