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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wake Up Little Susie.....

Good morning my dear blog friends!

     Happy Tuesday! I am having a really hard time waking up this morning as I took a Benadryl last night before I went to bed. I very rarely do this but my eczema was really flaring, painful and itchy so I took a 50mg tablet and fell into a deep sleep. I didn't even rouse during the night and woke up at 8:00 AM which is really late for me~WOW! I am on my second cup of good old coffee and see a third one happening in my near future. My eczema is always worse during the summer months with all the pollen, heat and humidity. I know that for some it is better, but for me those conditions equal much more itching, scales and oozing (sorry to get gross, but that is the reality of eczema, folks). I have been finding some relief with extra virgin olive oil, but yesterday I tried soaking my feet in warm salt water because I had read about it on an online forum. I WON'T be doing that one again~OUCH! Even the coat of olive oil didn't ease the pain of it! I probably used too much salt. It was table salt and not Epsom salt, too. I have used Epsom salt before and it is soothing, but the post specifically said to use iodized table salt for this one. The poster said that it stopped their itching and oozing and made their skin feel great. So much for truthfulness on the web~HaHa! Anyway, it is feeling better this morning and is not itching any more.

     I am planning on getting back to some form of posting here. Maybe even a line or two a day and hopefully some posts concerning decorating and housekeeping since that was the original vision of my little home on the blog. I do miss writing here and reading your blogs, too. I remember the wonderful world that blogging opened up to me in 2006 when I discovered all of the wonderful people out there on the internet sharing their daily lives, hopes and dreams via their beautiful "web logs". I have so many dear friends on FB that I have met from these wonderful places on the net. Some of them I now call "sisters" (you all know who you are, girls). So I hope to never just give up posting here altogether. I am just kind of slow on the draw these days, I guess~lol! 
     I will close for now, but wish you all a very bright and blessed day wherever you may be. Hope to be back here tomorrow with another snippet of news from my little cottage. Love and hugs to you all! 

Stay Cozy, 
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