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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

I am home after having my heart cath this past Tuesday! Everything went well with the proceedure and I am very HAPPY to say that NO blockages were found~YAY!!! I do still have issues with palpitations and extra heartbeats, a condition I am just now learning about called Premature Ventricular Complexes (PVCs). I stayed in the hospital until yesterday (Friday) for some further testing; a glucose intollerance test (ick) due to elevated blood sugar levels and an MRI to try and determine if I would be a candidate for Cardiac Catheter Ablation. I got through that icky glucose test and was so VERY glad to see lunch arrive at last~lol! Thursday the MRI lab was backed up with emergency cases and so I had to wait until yesterday for that test. I had never had and MRI, but had heard they could be a very clostrophobic experience. I thought I would be OK, I tried really hard to just relax and keep my eyes closed, but in the end, I had to push the panic button~WOW it is really tight in there!!! So, I will not be getting the Ablation at this time. I am taking meds to control my blood pressure and one that helps control the heart rythm and my doctor wants me to give up caffine. That is going to be hard for this coffee hound~sigh, but it will help to lessen my PVC issues. Right now I am just so very GLAD to be HOME!!!
I do have to tell you all about the BEAUTIFUL room I had for my hospital stay! It was wonderful with colors that were inspired by the sky and clouds, a wonderful BIG bath, deluxe shower and each room on the new cardiac care unit has its own computer for the medical staff so they no longer have to haul one around on carts. There was a fold out sofa bed for family to stay with patients and a wonderful flat screen television and I spent much of my days watching HGTV and the Hallmark channel. It made the stay so much more pleasant! I am posting some photos for you to see:

Hope to get back to my writing as I am feeling so much more relieved that a major surgery is not in my near future. God bless you all and hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Stay Cozy,
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