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Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Life's Work

Titus 2:5 KJV  "To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed." (Underlined emphasis added by me)

Good morning, dear ones!!! First off, I need to say, "ooops", I got as far as the Bible verse above yesterday morning before my sweet hubby called "breakfast is ready" and I didn't realize that it published it when I hit save. We had a wonderful little breakfast together of bicuits, gravy and ham and then my sweet BEST friend of 40 years called to invite me out to lunch at the Olive Garden!!!! Thank you, Teresa, I really enjoyed the good food and our wonderful visit! The day stretched on and I never quite got back to my blog post~(blush)...
Anyway, I am trying hard to get back to posting and to some writing and wanted to take a minute before getting ready for church to say, "hello" and finish what I started. I had a very productive day around here on Friday, cleaning, teaching Caleb about the Korean War and Harry S. Truman, reading some favorite fall poetry; just being home and enjoying the fruit of my labor as a homemaker, wife and mom. Those are my favorite titles in life! My most cherished and beloved "job" descriptions. I love days when my home is sparkling from being freshly cleaned, something warm is baking in the oven, my favorite music is playing softly in the background and sweet scented candles are adding to the overall ambience. This home that our family has created with the work of our hands and filled with sweet memories for all of our children to call up to rememberence and share with their children, I consider my most profound life's work. I often think about the impact that the sights, sounds, aromas and stories from my parent's and grand parent's homes have had (and still have) on my life. Sometimes, in the rush of living in today's world, society tends to diminish the importance of  being "keepers at home" and some forget how much influence home life has on forming the character and priorities of our children and the future of our nation. I am so very glad that my mom and my sweet grandmothers were wonderful "keepers at home" and so grateful for all they taught me. I am especially glad that they taught me about our Lord and His love for us and that they were good examples of His love in our lives. This is the legacy that lasts from generation to generation. Whether you are a momma that stays home all day, or one that works at a carreer outside your home, take time to create a haven within the walls of your home. Make your home a place of peace and beauty, a destination where your family is drawn in with an overwhelming desire to gather and make sweet memories. Other things we do in this world may be forgotten by many people, but the memories of a pleasant home continue as our children share the experience of the memories, sights, sounds, recipes, stories and more with their children and their children and so on, and so on. God bless you all, hope you have a wonderful week! Remember me as I have my heart cath on Tuesday. I will let you know how it went one day next week.

Until later, Stay Cozy,

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