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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Fun Days

Good morning dear ones!!! I just have to take a few minutes to post a bit about this past week. You know that this is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE time of year! I love the changing leaves, the cooler temps, that earthy autumn smell in the air and the thought that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. There are just so many things to love about autumn! This past Sunday the three of us had attended morning church service and had a good dinner together. It was such a pretty fall day, the kind that is just perfect for a walk in the woods, so Caleb and I headed to good old Wine Cellar Park. We collected some leaves and walked the nature trail and had a good time talking and just enjoying the beauty around us. 

We are so very familiar with this little patch of woods. The little creek that runs through it was full from recent rains and it babbled gently as we walked along. Caleb stopped to see if the vine that he and his friends loved to swing on was still there. He was saddened to discover that it had been broken since our last visit. The little bridges are always a fun stopping place and I snapped a picture of Caleb standing on one of them.

I think this will be his official "school picture". We had a very pleasant afternoon and then watched movies at home until time for the evening church service.
Tuesday our son, Greg and his family stopped by for a visit and brought pizzas for our supper. The kids all had fun playing video games, eating pizza and laughing and talking as the grown ups visited around the dining room table chatting the evening away. Every now and then one or two of the kids would come in and sit down with us and join in the conversation. It was so very pleasant. I LOVE when our kids come home, even for a few hours.
On Wednesday as part of his school day, Caleb made candy apples. Robin had picked up a little kit at the store and we took time to have some fun making them together. It was a messy job, but SO much fun and a yummy treat, too.

Thursday evening my sweet hubby treated us to supper out at a local restaurant and then we went to a Jr. High football game at our granddaughter's school in Poca, WV. She is in the band and plays the clarinet.

The band did a wonderful job of entertaining us.They played the National Anthem at the start of the game and then three songs at half time. It was the first time in ages since I had been to a school football game and I really had fun with my family, though I will have to remember to take some kind of cushion the next time we go to one~lol. Those bleachers were rough on an old girl! :-)
Today I am headed out to my poetry club. The topic for our poetry today is early childhood and I have a couple of favorites to share. I hope that each of you has a sweet week-end and hope to post a little more later in the week.

God bless and stay cozy,
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