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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Reshuffling Stuff and Just Hanging Out

Greetings and good afternoon from my cottage to yours, sweet friends!!! We are having an ABSOLUTELY BEA-UTIFUL day here in good ol' Dunbar, WV!!! The sun is shining, our skies are blue and the temperature is cool, but not too cold! I have seen some wonderful photos of SNOWY-WEATHER from some of my dear friends in other parts of our country on Facebook! There is snow in the upper part of our state and in PA and some of my friends in the central states further west of us are having some pretty heavy snow, too. I like a good snow day, but am VERY glad that it has not come our way just yet. Hope that all of my friends in "white weather" territories are staying warm and have their power! Think of me as you sip on your hot chocolate or hot apple cider, it won't be long before that powdery white stuff will start falling around here, too. I am almost sure that we will have some before Thanksgiving as we did last year~Bbbbrrrrrr!

For now we are just enjoying the sunny skies and have been working on rearranging some of our closets. We have repurposed a couple of them as the way we use our home changes from time to time. We took ALL of our board games (we have about 30 of them) out of my dining room closet and have them now tucked away in the upper pantry cupboard in the little area between our kitchen and dining room. This was a breakfast nook area at one time and my washer and dryer now sit where a tressle table and benches once stood. It is much better than having them downstairs in the basement and we would not be apt to use a breakfast nook, anyway. I have been going through some of our belongings and am getting ready to donate some of the items in good and usable condition to the youth of our church for an upcoming rummage sale they are having. I love when they have these sales as they also have hot dogs for sale~and are they GOOD hot dogs~YUM!!! Anyway, that is what I have been doing today. I just had to take a little rest as I had been rushing around and got a little dizzy~whew!

I will have to take a few pictures to share of the newly organized game pantry and my decorating in our dining room. Wishing you all a great week-end and I will be posting another installment of my History of Interior Design/Decoration on Monday.

For Now, Stay Cozy,
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