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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grand Being a Grammy!

Good morning, sweet blog friends!!! I am going to take a minute to write a little post before starting my day. We have very special company with us this week-end~our sweet little granddaughter, Kayleigh!!! We had grandson Hunter with us last week and this week it is Kayleigh's turn! I love having the "grands" around, they just add so much more fun to our weekends! Caleb and Kayleigh are having a quick bowl of  cereal and watching cartoons right now, so I am taking a minute to blog a bit. We will be waking up "Paw-paw" (heehee) in a few minutes and then we will fix our "real" breakfast.

It has been a really good week here at the old cottage! Caleb and I had a wonderful time studying more about the 1950s and DNA and so much more. Friday Caleb had his test on the first section of 1950s history and got 14/15!!! He has really enjoyed learning about this decade and especially the music and television shows of the era. He really got into the Korean War, too. We watched a LOT of videos about the 50s, it has been a fun study and we are ready to move on to the next section which will cover the years after the Korean War.

I wanted to mention, too that I have a neat little history lesson coming up for those who follow this blog. I am going to post a series of articles all about the history of interior decoration and design for you. It is a little something that I did a few years ago for a college class. The History of Design class was one of my very favorites when I attended the University of Charleston. I had always wondered where some of the furniture and art designs we still reference today had their origins. This class helped me reach an understanding of design and the cultures from which they came. I hope you will enjoy the series. I will be posting the first installment on Monday.

Finally, I stopped by my old blog on the Homestead Blogger the other evening only to discover that, sadly, they will be taking that site down. I have not blogged over there for a while, but did not want to lose my content (or my sweet friends there), nonetheless. I sent a note to my friends to find me here and on Facebook. Then I hurriedly copied all of my past blog posts over into a Word Doc. There was a lot of family history in those posts. Wonderful record of good days spent with family, times of sickness, little poems that I had shared...all too precious to even think about losing forever. I think that is one of my favorite things about blogging; the fact that the events of our lives are recorded and celebrated and shared with friends. I may repost some of those here at a later time.

For now I am wishing you all a splendid, happy and wonderful week-end. Hope that your days are filled with the blessing of family and friends, love and laughter and lots of good things to celebrate! Sending you ((HUGS)) from our cottage to yours!

Stay Cozy,
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