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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday's Decorator Storyboard

     When I was in college studying design, one of my favorite parts of any project was creating the final "storyboards" for our presentations. I still LOVE to do storyboards, but I don't often get the opportunity in the real world of decorating. Most of the time I am working with my clients strait from the fabric books and paint swatches as we match them to the decorative accessories that they have chosen for their homes or offices. As i have stated in previous posts, I have gone back to my good old retail roots and am working with Celebrating Home and Oddity in order to help clients, friends and family develop their rooms. This is a much more comfortable fit for me as a business model than the "charge-by-the-hour" consultation model that many designers use for their businesses. Both are wonderful business models, it is entirely up to the decorator/designer to choose the one that works best for them. My perfect fit is direct sales and private appointments so that I can help my clients one-on-one.
     Anyway, back to the promised STORYBOARD~I can't wait to show you what I have put together this week. (Drum roll.......) TA~DA!!!!

     The beautiful framed print is called First Impressions and is a wonderful large~scaled sofa print from Celebrating Home. The sconces beside the print are the Ellington Wall Sconces and these are large~scaled metal sconces with a crackled glass hurricane that is capable of holding pillar candles 3" in diameter. My suggested paint color would be one in the sage or golden range, however, the picture would make a dramatic statement on a berry colored wall, also. I found the fabrics through one of my suppliers, Greenhouse Fabrics, and loved the way they set off the colors in the print. The little Bergere Chair and Ottoman are from Ballard Designs~so CUTE! The colors and fabrics on the board are only suggestions. I think it would make a very pretty traditional setting, what do you think?
     Thanks for taking time to stop by and see what I'm up to this Friday, God bless each of you and I am praying that each of you is well and that you will have a beautiful week~end!

Cozy Hugs,
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