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Friday, August 20, 2010

Been Thinkin' and Prayin' and Here is What I'm Doin'

     Dearest blog sisters, I hope that you are all having a wonderful sunny day in your corner of the world. We are still having some of those "soupy" summer days here in WV. I am hoping things start to cool down a bit with the coming of September. I LOVE autumn and cannot wait to see the leaves start to change, neighbors sitting out pots of mums and foddershocks by their front porches, and to smell that wonderful first whiff of someone burning wood in their fireplace~ahhh!
     I have truly been thinking and praying about the direction that my life in the land of blogs and writing, and I believe that the Lord has directed my decision as to what needs to be done. I will be combining the Cozy Home Journal (simple living tips, recipes, poetry, etc) with the Cozy Home Cottage. I am going to try and post three days a week and will have specific goals for the posts. You can look forward to a new recipe on Mondays. I am keeping the weekends for visiting and reading your wonderful blogs. Since Mondays mark the beginning of my business week, I try to plan easy "pop-in-th-oven" or slow cooker dinners for my family. I will be posting the recipes for these simple, yet yummy, meals here in a featured post I call "What's Cookin' Mondays". Wednesday posts will be something inspirational or personal or both.  The posts might include news about happenings going on around here at the old cottage, tips I have found that simplify my days or short devotionals or something poetic in nature. Just whatever strikes my fancy that day. Fridays feature will be something entirely new for the old CHC blog. I will be featuring a new "story board" each week showing various color schemes and ideas to inspire your home decorating. All of my posts will remain as chatty and friendly as ever, I never want to sound "teachy" or stiff. Blogs are about sharing with friends and having fun. I don't like "know-it-all" posts and I never want to sound that way, either.
     I will also maintain a new Cozy Home Academy blog here on Blogger to chronicle our homeschool happenings. I realize that not all of my dear CHC readers homeschool, so this way you will not have to read all about our lessons, field trips and adventures, unless you are so inclined to go over to that blog for a bit. We are very eclectic in our learning, sometimes things are great, sometimes they are not, but we always have lots of fun. You are welcome to check that one out anytime you wish.
     I will be starting the new changes this coming week, so don't forget to pop in to see "What's Cookin' Monday". I hold each of you dear in my heart and love that you count me as a friend in blogland. Hugs and prayers for each of you. Hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

Stay Cozy,
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