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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Artistic Endeavors

Good morning all! I know that many of your are "Wordless" on Wednesdays, but, those that know me well know that I am rarely without words ;-)  I wanted to share a couple of pieces of art that I did a few years ago. I love to paint, but have always done it strictly as a hobby and have been a bit shy about sharing my "masterpieces" with anyone other than my closest friends and family. My art tends to be on the whimsical side and a bit child-like in nature. I would love to develop my technique in painting more realistic scenery, but when I pick up my brushes my silly inner child comes out to play, and you just never know what that girl is going to do. These two paintings have been hanging in my office until recent changes called for their removal so that HUGE maps could be hung on the walls as part of the room's transformation to our new "learning room" for homeschool. I love the first one as it reminds me of those early spring days where you have sun one minute and rain the next. You know the days; slightly breezy and then the wind kicks up and things begin to swirl in the cross winds...March or early April weather. I called it "Whirly~gigs" and painted it about 8 years ago. I used sand and paper shreds and fibers to create texture on the canvas and then painted it using several favorite brushes and a spray bottle filled with diluted acrylic paint for the effect of gentle rain drops. It was messy, but so much FUN!

The second one is called, "My Favorite Blanket" and was inspired by my first sweet kitty, Patty Paws. She was my dear kitty-friend for 16 years. I got her when I was 7 and she was 6 weeks old. I wanted to pay her homage on canvas. It is abstract in nature and the colors in the background are intended to create a dream-like effect as that is where my dear Patty now exists~in my sweetest memories and dreams. She is poised on a leopard print "blanket". The print is suggestive of her "wild cat" personality while the fabric is soft flannel; just like Patty-Paws had her "soft-side", too. When I look at it, my mind floods with memories of sweet times with her.

Well, there you have it, a little sample of my artistic side. I know that I may never be another Rembrandt, but it makes me happy. I guess that is the purpose of art in the first place, it makes us smile!

Hugs to all, and Stay Cozy!!!
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