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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweet Summer Days

     Happy Summer dear blog friends!!! I looked at my little banner yesterday and noticed that it stated "Today is the Last Day of Spring". Today is the first official day of Summer! It has felt like summer here in beautiful Wild Wonderful WV for at least the last month and we have had some days where it felt like we were walking around in a big bowl of chicken broth~very HUMID!!! But, then, that is part of the 3 H's that make up our summer climate here in the Mountain State; Hazy, Hot and Humid. But I wouldn't live anywhere else in the world (well, unless that somewhere was Ireland ;-)
     I went out on my front porch for a bit yesterday after church and sat in our rockers for a bit. I spend a lot of time out there on nice days, and yesterday was not too humid or hot, so it was very enjoyable to just sit and rock a bit. We did our Father's Day celebrating the day before at mom and dad's so we just enjoyed a quiet day here at our home and had some barbequed chicken, savory oven potatoes and baked beans for our dinner. It is one of those dinners that requires very little prep time and then you get it all in the oven to bake for about an hour while you sit back and relax. That is my favorite kind of cookin'.
     While I was outside, I took a couple of pictures of my tiny little flower bed. The hostas are blooming and I also got a shot of the new little Dogwood seedling that my dad gave me from their yard a couple of months ago. It has already grown about five inches and has gained three new branches. I am thinking that if it keeps doing well through the summer and the fall that I will transplant it to the center of the yard next spring to give it more room. I will close for now, I have been busy writing this morning and my eyes are feeling a bit strained. Hope you are all having the start of a wonderful summer, wherever you are! 

Hugs for Now and Stay Cozy!
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