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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Poetry: Music to Sooth Your Blues

     Good morning all! I am taking time to write a much over-due posting this morning before I travel from my Cozy Home to join friends at our monthly Poetry Club meeting. I really look forward to this every month and this month I have 3 newly penned poems to share with my fellow poets in progress. Our life is a good one here at our sweet little cottage in WV, but I still battle with some depression from time to time. I think that may be the very reason that I love my poetry group. The group is more than just a creative outlet for me, these friends are wonderful in the way we support and encourage each other.
     You see, I have been feeling a bit down this past week due to some of the changes that have happened in my life over the past couple of years. I am still taking my momma to the wound care center once a week for her legs (yes, now both are bandaged for ulcers-this does not make either of us happy, especially my very independent mom-about-town momma as she cannot get out and go like she was always used to doing), my little business is not as busy as I would like for it to be. This means that the money is not as plentiful as we would like, the necessities are taken care of, but things get pretty squeaky around the last week of the month. I am having some real issues with being in crowded situations and I am wondering if this has anything to do with the sharp decline in estrogen since my surgery last June. Anyway, all of these things have had a real negative affect on my mood and especially this past week for some reason. 
     This is where my poetry friends and our group come into the picture. Now, believe me, I know that the Lord is my strength and my hope, and my prayer life is very active. But, sometimes I turn into such a whiny little child and that is when I turn to pen and paper to try and get some of these bitter-teared-emotions down on paper. I sometimes feel like the Psalmist because as I am writing the strangest thing happens. You know how even the saddest and most plaintive of the psalms always end with praises to the Lord...well, that is what happens to my poetry, also. I sat down yesterday to write some soul saddened works, some poetry that would epitomize the scope of saddness that I was feeling. I was hoping to relay just how encumbered my life is with care...oh, woe is me! Well, it wasn't long into my writing that I read back one of my poor, pitiul pennings and realized just how it must sound to my Creator, my Redeemer and my Friend who gave all so that I may have life, and more abundantly! WOW, what a silly little cry baby I am...I forgot to count my blessings and I was letting the old adversary get the best of me. I turned my creative cap around and got busy writing a "new song", one more befitting a daughter of the Lord Most High! I will share it at my group today. I am shy about posting very personal poetry here, but I will this time in the hopes that it might help someone. It is about my quiet morning devotional times:

Time Alone With God

Charlotte Spears
April 2010

In the sweet, calm hours
Of the early morn
Before my family stirs
Ready to rouse and
Begin a brand-new day,
I am surrounded by soft darkness
That belongs to the hushed
Hours, just before the sunrise.
These are the golden moments
Where I meet my LORD, alone
To offer Him my thanks
For all that He has done,
Where I strain to hear
His still, small voice
As I ask His direction
To guide my day ahead
In these tranquil times
Spent with Him alone
I find the sweetest peace within
There truly is NO GREATER JOY
Than our quiet time together! ©

     The other sad, sad, works were tucked away, they may or may not ever be shared, but they will remain to remind me of the way I sound to others and to my Lord when I complain about my life. All that will be counted in the end are my works for Him, I always want to be a good witness for all that He has given to me.
      I am currently working on Caleb's homeschool portfolio which is the biggest reason that no pictures of the new classroom/studio have been posted. You guessed it, no sooner did we get all organized than the stacks of homeschool books, papers and projects just kind of took over the room--oh, well it is worth it!!!I will try my best to get some pictures up some time in May as our review is set for June the third--WOOHOO!!! I am sending BIG HUGS to you all and hoping that you are all having a wonderfully blessed week!

Until Next Time~Stay Cozy!
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