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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Good (quiet) Morning, all,

I have just been sweetly enjoying a morning filled with simple, serene moments. I woke at 6:30 after a night filled with not-so-nice dreams. I had some disturbing images of someone wanting to hurt me all night long and I slept very much for fried potatoes just before bed...quothe the momma, "NeverAgain"! Anyway, after I had my first sip of good old, refreshing water, I got to my computer in my quiet little office and my good old kitty, Zoot, was asleep in the chair beside of mine. Now watching that kitty sleep is the quintesential definition of "peaceful". She was even snoring~so CUTE! I did not dare to pet her, I was not about to disturb HER sweet dreams~I was just glad that someone in the house was having a good sleep. I read my email and my good old Facebook page and had 2 cups of good coffee and some toast with butter~ahhh. I am realizing more and more just how VERY much I enjoy the simple pleasures of daily life at home. This good old house just wraps her walls around me and I feel so safe and secure. The funny thing about my dreams last night was the fact that, even in my sleep, the place I headed to for safety was my room in this house...I could see it in my dream and my husband was there to hold me tight so that no one could hurt me. It was a wonderful feeling and the one that I woke up with that was the settling end to my restless night. My hubby and my son are just now waking up for the day and I am looking forward to a nice quiet Saturday together. Later in the day, my step-son is coming by to take Caleb to the Circus with his family. I will probably work in a good nap sometime this afternoon, just my kind of day!!! Hope that you are having a good week-end, too.

Sending you BIG HUGS,
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