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Monday, April 19, 2010

My Week (at A Glance) :-D

     Good morning, blog sisters!!!! I have been up since 6:15 and have had my quiet morning time with God, and my fun on Facebook and I am now getting ready to hop off of my old computer and get started with my day! I am hoping to get a couple of articles written for Two Lane Livin' and for Shiloah Baker over at the Homemaking Cottage. It seems that my life as a writer might be taking off, after all! I am also working on a brochure for the future Historic Preservation Society for our little town of Dunbar, WV. I am working on this project with our mayor's wife and I am VERY excited about it!!! I will let you know more about the Society as it comes together. We are having our second meeting tomorrow at 11:00 AM.
     This is also the last official week of Caleb's school year!!! We are finishing the last of his lessons so that we can start enjoying the beautiful weather!!!! We love to get out and have picnics at the parks in our area, go on hikes and Caleb loves to ride his bike. I will finish his portfolio by the end of next week and have it all ready for our review. Then, maybe, I can get this classroom/studio back into shape!  
     I wanted to share another one of my little poems with you before I go. This one also serves as the philosophy for my business and our home:

I hope that you are having a Cozy week wherever you are!!!

Hugs from WV,
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