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Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Snow, Still Organizing and A Little Aboout a Bobeche

     Good morning to all and Happy Saturday!!! I love Saturday mornings, always have!!! I guess it goes back to my childhood and having my daddy home on the week-ends. There was something so magical about that-he worked so hard during the week that we did not get to see him very long each week day. Week-ends were like mini-holidays to me then and I guess some of that magical quality has remained with me over the years.
     We are having more snow here in WV this morning. It was fun the first couple of times this winter, but I am so ready for springtime, now! My silly cat loves it and is out on the back porch for a minute watching the flakes fall to the ground. Whenever it snows, she goes out and in all day just like a kid. She is part Maine Coon Cat and I think that the cold feels good to her, especially with that extra thick winter coat she gets. She will be back in momentarily to get another bite of food and a fresh drink of water and maybe a cat nap, but for now she is porch sittin' and watching the snow! Caleb is watching an old family Christmas video from when he was around 2 years old and my sweet hubby is frying some bacon--mmmm. I am just taking a break from our cleaning out and organizing to catch up on a blog or two.
     The office is coming along nicely and I am still clearing out and sewing my window treatment. We have gotten ourselves into a MAJOR cleaning spree around here!!! It all started out so simple with the re-vamping of the office, but the effort has now expanded into cleaning out all of our closets and cupboards! Where does all of this STUFF come from??? I called a local charity and they are coming on Thursday to pick up the things that are in good condition so that someone else that might really need them can put them to good use. We are on a roll and it feels so good to clear out the un-needed clutter from our home and lives.
     I have also been taking time to promote my online businesses a little more this week. This is a large part of how I contribute to our family income and I love to talk about it every chance I get. I had someone call the other day asking about the fundraising program from Celebrating Home. They are having an expo for businesses to share their fundraising opportunities with Relay For Life team captains and wanted to know if I would be interested in attending to share mine. It will be in April and I told them that I would LOVE to be there. The other little web business, ODDITY Inc. is also a fun place to shop and find many interesting little "jewels" to add that extra sparkle to your home. I am crazy over their collection of  bobeches.

     These are so beautiful and add such an elegant touch to candle sticks. They have some that are more modern without the crystals dangling down, too, but these are my favorites. If you want to see the others just follow the link:
     I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday morning wherever you are! I am going now to eat some of that wonderful breakfast that Chef Robin has been working on for us. Hugs for now.

Stay Cozy,
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