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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweet Fellowship

We had such a nice week-end here in our Cozy Home. On Friday we had friends over for an evening of dinner at 4:30 followed by a wonderful evening of good fellowship. My husband made his famous "Hobbit Stew" (we are Tolkein fans-can you tell). I can't disclose his recipe, he has sworn me to secrecy,but if you love fresh mushrooms, it is quite a treat-YUM. I made a few loaves of homemade bread to go with it. My friend brought fresh baked gingerbread with sour cream topping for dessert. It went wonderfully with the fresh fruit that I had cut up earlier in the day. After we ate, the boys, including Caleb, retired to the family room to watch a movie together. We ladies decided that we would rather have some good ol' girl time talking in the living room. I tell you, I have not talked so much and laughed so hard for quite some time. We covered everything from the Bible to granny's recipe for fried apple pies and more. Caleb felt quite grown up and important watching the movie with his dad and our friend, D. They also had a great time talking and laughing. It is such a blessing to have good friends. We ended the evening around 10:30 with much hugging on the front porch. It was a wonderful evening and the house still seemed to be full of their voices the next morning.
On Saturday things were a bit quiet here, but pleasant as everything was still all cleaned up from our cleaning frenzy of the past few days as we got ready for our company. Robin and I watched movies together most of the day and Caleb joined us occassionally in between his time playing upstairs with his Legos and downstairs playing games on the computer. I really love quiet days!
Sunday morning we got up and went to our church and enjoyed time with our church family. After lunch, I went to the St Alban's library for an afternoon with The Mountain Women, a local storytelling group. They were GREAT! I have just taken an interest in this form of entertainment and love to go and listen as these talented performers weave their tales, especially when they are about my favorite great state, WV. We have such a rich heritage of folk lore, family stories and history here in the Mountain State. I really enjoyed my afternoon at the library. I came home with every intention of venturing out again for evening church, but was too tuckered out and so I stayed home with my hubby and had a pleasant evening with he and my little one, instead. The Lord knows my heart, He gives me rest when I am weary. I am thankful for that. By the end of the evening I was ready for some sleep so that I would be rested to start a fresh week on Monday. Back to the drawing board, back to our homeschooling, back to creating Cozy Homes for others. It is a good life here. Hope you are having a wonderful week.

Hugs from WV,
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