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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hazy, Hot and Humid....How 'bout the Weather Where You Are?

Good Morning blog friends, 

Did ya miss me? Well if you all are regular readers of my humble corner of the blog universe then you know that I tend to be one of those on-again-off-again types~heeheehee...😆
I have been reading through a few of my favorite blogs this morning and looking at some favorite websites and just had the urge to write a short post here. We are all OK here at the cottage and enjoying summer time here in WV. So far it has been a pleasant enough season and not TOO hot, well that is until last week. We are now having days in the 90s with elevated humidity levels, some hazy mornings and high heat's enough to make this old girl abandon my front porch sittin' and just stay inside where my trusty air conditioner is set to a cool 76 degrees. I do try to make it out there early in the morning or later in the evening when things are a bit more cool and refreshing.
We did make it out to one of our favorite local parks last week; Ridenour Lake in Nitro. Caleb our son had his annual doctor's check up. Afterward my husband, Caleb and myself picked up some burgers and milkshakes and headed to the park for what we call a quickie picnic. When we finished eating we drove around to the back side of the beautiful lake so that Caleb and I could take a little hike on the woodland trail there. My hubby didn't feel like the walk so he enjoyed some time alone in the van reading his book. We all had a wonderful time! It is always a treat in the summer to have a little picnic in the park and it doesn't have to be over-planned or even planned at all. Sometimes these spur-of-the-moment events are the best memories.
I do intend to do a longer post later on and am hoping to get back to a little weekly journal on Fridays. I hope that you all are staying cool, dry and refreshed wherever you are. 

Much love and Stay Cozy,
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