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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pinterest, Pictures, Planning and Other Daily Things.....

Good morning from WV dear cottage friends, 

     I am sitting here enjoying my mid-morning cup of coffee and playing on my trusty computer for a bit in between my daily housework. I thought I would take a minute to post a little note here just to say "hello" and to keep you all up-to-date with what's new around here. 
     We have been busy with all of our usual doctor appointments and especially last month! Between my husband, myself and our son we averaged at least two a week! Sheesh!!! My husband and I had the most but our son did have to go in for his annual check-up with our family doctor and he had an eye exam. He got good reports from both; of course being 18 that is not unusual. My husband and I both had good reports for our age and my cholesterol levels were all really good! YAY! My husband got his results from his most recent blood-work yesterday and his numbers were all really good, too!!! His A1c level is now 6.2 which is really good compared to the 7.8 he had this time last year. He also got new glasses and just picked them up from our local Vision Works yesterday. He got one regular pair and one pair of prescription sunglasses, which he really likes. With his diabetes it is really important to keep up with his eye care. He looks really cool in them, too. (smile)
     As stated in the title of this post, I have been doing a LOT of pinning and making new boards on my Pinterest page. That is one VERY addictive site~LOL!!! My latest obsession is my Victorian Style board, cake recipes, candy recipes, Barbie clothing patterns, bridal wear and anything from my childhood! If you do Pinterest you will know what I mean when I say that what is interesting one week will more than likely give way to "something completely different" next week. Oh my, just saying that makes me want to start a Monty Python board now~ROFLOL!!!! I have found some things that I really want to try making~especially the candies that would make such a nice Christmas gift. I have been finding and making some really good recipes for our supper there. I made one called "Cheeseburger in Paradise" last night and it was a real hit with my guys. I liked it too and made sure to print it off to use again. 
     Yesterday I was doing a little pondering about what I really want to do with this little blog of mine. I had thought about just making it a little weekly journal and posting only on Fridays. I still have plans to do that; IF I can ever give myself the kick in the...well you know where...and get started doing it on a regular basis~heehee. I still love to talk about decorating so every now and again I will be posting some kind of idea or another here. I did decide that I will be going through my old photos and find ones of my little homes (I have lived in three not counting where I grew up) posting pictures and stories about them and my past decorating styles. Some of them will have people in them as I have never been one to take too many pictures of just the rooms. For me photography has mostly been about the people in my life. It has only been since around 2006 when I started blogging that I have taken staged photos of rooms and decorative items. I will tell you a bit about the people in my old photos but will try my best to remain respectful of their privacy by not mentioning names. I am going to try and post the first ones next week. 
     I am just about finished with my coffee and ready to head back to my work around here. I did want to post about one more thing. Week-before-last we got a NEW swing for our front porch!!! Our old one finally gave out. It got a crack right along the back support board. It had been a faithful and well loved part of our porch for the last 20 years, but it could not be fixed and so it was time to replace it. I am including a couple of photos of our new one for you to see. My husband painted it white and our son got it up on the hooks for us. We are really loving it already. Very comfortable and pretty!



      I will wish you all well for now and hope to have a little journal for you to read tomorrow. 

Much love and Stay Cozy, 
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