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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Journal Notes; a New Twist for My Blogging Efforts

Dear Diary.....

I have started a NEW journal specifically for this little BLOG. I have had good intentions of getting one started for quite some time now, but just simply have not gotten a "Round-TUIT" (we all know how rare those are, right?). My hope is to keep this one close to me at all times so that I can open it up to jot down my ideas for future posts here whenever and wherever they occur to me. We shall see how this goes ;-) 
I really do love posting here on my humble little blog, though I sometimes fall short of ideas and words as I sit down to type. I am hoping to create more posts about decorating, crafting ideas, what's happening here and so on. That is where this cute little journal should come in handy. I have truly missed writing. The past several months has proven to be a real season of change and personal growth for me and it is my greatest hope that God will lead me and allow me to return to and further develop my writing and creative talents. 
I have been bless, as of late, with a rather LARGE selection of floral, crafting and office supplies. I am planning to fully put them to use and enjoy them!  I can't wait to be creative again!!! I will have to re-organize our home; prioritize, get rid of many things we are not using, find room for new things, etc. It will require much planning and work, but I am SO very ready for it! 
Anyway, this is a beginning and it seems like a good one. Stay tuned.....

HUGS to all and Stay Cozy, 
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