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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Morning Blurb....

Good morning....well I am just now getting up and getting started. I have my coffee on and will be so glad to go in and pour that first cup. I slept REALLY well last night and am not real achy this morning~so glad for that. 

As I got out of my soft, cozy, warm bed I came to the realization that I had promised in my post late yesterday that I intended to post  something every morning. You know that I have hoped to do that several times over the past couple of years but somehow it just doesn't happen. I am facing the fact that I can be quite lazy over many things and that must change. I have developed a bad habit of using my pain and fibro flairs an excuse for not doing things. Don't get me wrong, writing this post literally HURTS. My hands are screaming as I type and my brain fog interferes with my desire to be witty with my words. I find that my best plan of action is to use the same approach I do for getting my housework done during the day~work-a-little-rest-a-little and get done what I can. God has taught me this over the past couple of years as  He has caused me to slow down. Remember, dear ones, I do not blame God for my Fibromyalgia, but I see that He is using this time and my condition to draw me closer to Him. 

Well, sweeties, my good old coffee is ready in the kitchen and I must get started on  my day. I will see those of  you who are on FB as I take my little breaks throughout the day. That is where I like to land for a bit and always love to see what everyone is sharing and posting there. Big ((HUGS)) and I hope that my fibro friends are having a low pain day, too. Maybe tomorrow I will post about something pretty here. That might be my mission today, to find something pretty for tomorrow's post. 

God Bless and Stay Cozy, 
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