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Monday, July 1, 2013

NEW...Changes Ahead

Hello sweet friends! I cannot believe that this day has gone by so quickly! It is now 5:35 PM here, WOW! It seems like it was just a couple of hours ago that my head left my nice, soft, fluffy pillow~ahhhh. It has been a good day and I have accomplished a number of tasks on my "to-do" list. My hubby has been working on our new van as it did need a new rear windshield wiper motor and shocks to the back wheels. We had simpled whole wheat toast and turkey bacon for our breakfast this morning and some yummy pizza for our lunch. I am just getting ready to go in and put together some chicken salad from the left-over rotisserie chicken we had for our supper last night. I love chicken salad sandwiches! 

I have been thinking about this blog and the fact I am back to posting here. I want to make sure that I keep things going, SO....I am going to start putting a new little post on each morning in the tone of a "free-speak" post. You never know what it will be, but it will be straight from the heart, whatever I am thinking in nature. Watch out~lol! Especially on mornings when I am posting my pre-coffee thoughts, oh my! I just think that it will keep things interesting and more personal. I am rather excited to get things started so watch for tomorrow morning's post. 

I love each of you and love reading your blog posts on my Blogger Reading List each day. I am also planning to get back to doing better on my comments to you. Greetings to each of you that also follow me on FB and I hope that your day has been terrific! 

HUGS and Stay Cozy, 
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