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Monday, September 27, 2010

What's Cookin' Monday!!!!!

     Good morning, dear blog friends!!! I am in an exceptionally good mood (especially for a Monday ;-) I think that the older I get, the more I have come to appreciate the sense of motivation that we feel on Mondays. It is that inner longing to get things back on track after spending time relaxing or enjoying favorite activities on the week-ends. I have also had week-ends in my life where I worked outside of my home, and then it was even more important to think of Monday as a chance for new beginnings and a springboard to re-organizing my world.
     This past week-end our family had a wonderful mini-trip to Ohio to visit my husband's beautiful family. His sweet momma will be having a birthday on the 30th of this month and my Sis-in-Law (the supreme planner of our family-Sis, you are AWESOME!) got together with their Ohio relatives to plan a wonderful surprise party for her! My Mom-in-Law was so very surprised and HAPPY!!!! We all enjoyed seeing everyone and having some time to visit and catch up with each other. You just can't beat time spent with family!!!
     So here I am on this first Monday of the fall season, rested, energized and ready to start a brand new week of work here at my dear Cozy Home. My little grandson, W, will be coming to spend the morning with us, Caleb and I will be having our homeschool lessons, I will be doing my usual cleaning and business activities and then our son and his family are coming over for dinner this evening. No wonder I am so "twittery"!!!
     I have a wonderful and tasty chicken recipe to share with you today. Easy to fix and yummy to eat!!! I use my good old Bean Pot when I fix this, you can use your Bean Pot, or, if you don't yet have one, you can use a large covered casserole, thought your outcome could be a bit different. I really do cook with my Bean Pots and highly recommend them. I would never recommend anything that I don't LOVE and use to my friends. Here is the recipe for today:


6 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts
1 can Cream of Chicken soup
1can Cream of Mushroom soup
1/2 envelope Lipton's Onion Soup mix

Place the chicken breasts in the Bean Pot.
Add the cream of chicken soup, then the cream of mushroom soup
Sprinkle the Lipton's Onion Soup over the top.
Put the lid on your Bean Pot and bake the chicken at 250 degrees
for 6-8 hours. Serve with buttered egg noodles and your favorite
vegetables or tossed salad. DELISH!!!

Happy Monday and Keep Cozy!!!
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