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Living Room
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Monday, April 21, 2008


The earth is bursting with splendid COLOR in my little corner of the world. My mother's yard looks like a prim English Garden with beautiful flowers in every color. Her lilac bush was FULL this past week-end and she has the most beautiful lipstick red tulips that I have ever seen. I should also mention that our Azalea bush is getting ready to pop and that the fruit trees across from us are in full regalia with lovely pink and white blooms. If there is any one season that simply inspires us to create beauty aroud us in our homes, it is, in my humble opinion, Spring. From the first light haze of green on the trees to the last petal that drops from the flowers, the earth never seems more ALIVE!!! Take the occasion to look at all of the beauty around your little corner of the world this spring season (if you are in an area where it is now spring) and take your cue from all that you observe. Then get busy and CREATE!!!
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