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Living Room
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Simple Touches

Hello to all and hope you are having a BEAUTIFUL DAY! We have sunshine here this morning and the wonderful scent of spring fills the air. I hope you have been inspired to spruce up your home a bit for the new season as summer is quickly approaching and we will all be spending more wonderful time outdoors. Little things such as changing out floral arrangements or hanging lighter window treatments can have a big impact on the appearance of your home for the warmer months. If you can, change out your heavy wool area rugs for lighter feeling sisal or cotton versions. Slip covers in light cotton or cotton duck fabrics also lend an air of summer to a room. Place big bowls of selected seasonal fresh fruits on the kitchen counter or dining room table for snackers as they pass by. Put some summer sounds on the radio or CD player to create a relaxed or energized ambience in your home. Change the scent of your home by exchanging the spicy tones that are used in the fall for lighter floral or fruit scents. The smell of your home is just as important as the appearance as you create long standing memories for your friends and family. These memories, by the way, should be your ultimate goal as you create home around you. They are the very reason that drives us to decorating, organizing and creating that haven known as our unique version of a Cozy Home. Remember as you move from room to room to think about how the sights, smells and sounds will impact the people that mean the most to you.

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