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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Post Modernism in Interior Design vs. Cottage Romance

Just a short note this morning as I must get ready to start my day. I have been touring my favorite Cottage Blogs this morning (as I so often do) it is always such a pleasant journey to see familiar places and read the latest entries. I was thinking of my college courses in design as I visited these wonderful, whimsical, romantic sites. My college professors (as well as so many in the interior design field) quite frankly pooh-poohed the idea of cottage appeal as a form of "Good Design". It is often seen as "fodder" to many of the upper-echelon of the industry. Post Modernism in all of its sterility is touted as the high road for designers to travel. Clean lines, bold pops of color against neutral backgrounds (often some shade of white). Our projects in college were closely scrutinized to make sure that we were not adding too much "clutter" to the space we were working on. True, in our little valley traditional 18th Century styles still remain the pinnacle of style, but heaven forbid, that too many items should be added as accessories. Still, there is something so charming, so appealing about the romantic cottage look. Even luring serious designers such as Mario Buatto and Rachel Ashwell away from the Ivory Palaces of the design world. To me it is comforting to know that, as long as there are those of us who appreciate the little comforts of life, there will always be a place for Cottage Design. Bring on the Clutter!!!

Have a Cozy Day,
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