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Living Room
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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday Gazette for August 12, 2017

Good afternoon sweet Cottage friends! I didn't get out a post yesterday but realized that my original intent for a weekly journal post was intended for Saturday, anyway. we go for this week: 

Time: Here in good old Dunbar, WV it is now 3:06 PM. I took time around 1:20 to re-set and wind our cherry wood Kassel wall clock for the first time in MONTHS today. It is pleasant to hear it "tick-tock" and chime the hours and half-hour whenever I walk past the living room. 

Weather: Well, the day started off all sunny and then we were hit with BIG rain! The kind that falls straight down with huge drops!!! It has let up now and my sweet hubby is getting ready to spray the road dust off of our house. We usually do this a couple of times a year. He said he was going to get it done come heck or high water. I think he might just get that high water if it comes another down-pour~LOL!!! 

Sipping on: Nothing right now. I need to get my lemon water in here out of the family room. I am trying to drink lots more of it as it is so good for the body. 

Munching on: Cheese and crackers....mmmmmm! 

Reading: Fresh Cut Flowers for My Mom; a little book of quotes and inspirational sayings for mother. I gave it to my mom for Mother's Day around 2006 and now enjoy reading it myself. She had written a personal message to me in the back of the little book thanking me for it. Very meaningful and powerful. I am also reading Bible Facts About Heaven by Dr. John R. Rice. There is a lot of good Biblical information within the pages of this little book. 

Listening to: The Best of The Police on YouTube. I have always loved their music. Just fun. 😍

Family News: Well, my sweet grand-daughter is real close to having her baby. We know that she is having a little boy and they have decided to name him Xavier. I like that name; something different. We are all getting excited to meet this little one! 

Around the Cottage: My daughter's two sons are here to spend the night with us! I am going to fix my homemade Spaghetti for our supper; it is one of their favorite meals. They start back to school on Monday so this will be the last time for a little while that they will get to spend the night with us. In other news our son, Caleb is now job hunting. Please say a little prayer for him that he finds something soon. He is wanting to start earning his own money and save up for a car. 

Around Town: Not too much here in Dunbar but our neighboring town of South Charleston, WV celebrated their 100th Anniversary of township this past week. It is a beautiful little town with some neat shops and restaurants and also a beautifully preserved Adena Indian burial mound. There were lots of activities there and they also buried a time capsule that is to be unearthed on the 200th Anniversary. Congratulations South Charleston!!! Here is a photo of the Mound:

Adena Burial Mound, South Charleston, WV 
Well, that's about it for this week. I am hoping to get started on Monday posting some old pictures and telling you about my past homes and the little things I used to do when decorating them on a budget back in my younger days. For now I hope that you will all have a wonderful weekend!!!

Big Hugs and Stay Cozy, 
Charlotte 💖
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