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Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Adventures On The Way

Well, cottage buddies it has been a while since I have felt the urge to write on this good ol' blog. I have had a really hard time coming to terms with being an orphan with both of my parents and my sweet mother-in-law now departed from this earthly life. I am adjusting to it all a bit better now and want to get back to those things which bring JOY to my life in the here and now. I am reading lots of poetry books, drawing a little here and there and pondering the meaning of my existence. What does God have in mind for me. How can He use me? I love how He has made each of us so different and the way He uses each of us to His purpose in reaching others for that purpose. I am not getting out much due to my Fibromyalgia, we are still trying to get Caleb through his last two years of homeschooling and we are busy helping my daughter and her family get moved into my momma's house. But i can still encourage others by praying for them or sending them a word of cheer either by cards and notes or even on good old Facebook in the mornings. This all makes me very happy!
I have also been thinking and praying over posting a new series of stories based on my days as a child at home in the 1960s. There are so many sweet memories going through my head these days about life in my small town and in our pretty little ranch house back then. I have been writing a few of them down and have decided to start posting them here on my little slice of blog heaven. I will call the series "Simply Susie-Q" as Susie-Q is what my daddy and momma always called me. I am going to try and write one each week for you. I hope that God will use them to be a blessing to someone and make you smile a bit.
As for right now we are starting to see beautiful green on our mountains and the redbud trees are in full bloom. I am so very happy to see spring return at last!!! I sure hope that everyone is having a beautiful spring and enjoying all the blessings God has to offer you!

For now, Stay Cozy, 
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