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Friday, November 7, 2014

Persimmon Puzzler....

     Greetings cottage friends! I am up this morning with a cup of coffee beside me and have been watching some TED videos on YouTube. I get so inspired by watching the wonderfully diverse array of people who come to speak at these conferences. So many wonderful thoughts and ideas! I have also been to a few of my favorite web sites this morning and have been looking up recipes for anything Persimmon.  
     A few days ago my husband and I were out at our local SAM"S Club and bought a package of FUYU Persimmons. Growing up in WV (or any of the other eastern states where persimmon trees grow) I developed a taste for the wonderful flavor of our native version of this delicate little fruit long ago. There used to be several trees in our area and I pretty much knew where each of them grew. Some of them have died through the years and some have been cut down. Alas, for whatever reason, they are now all gone. SO, when I saw this larger, meatier version at SAM'S I thought I would give them a try. Well, I was sorely disappointed!!! I was expecting a soft, sweet almost creamy texture like our own native fruit, Instead the texture and the taste was almost like biting into raw pumpkin~YUCK! But then I remembered what all the older folks always said about the ripening process of persimmons; they are only good after the first frost. I began thinking, what if I put them in the freezer over night??? OK, this might work; and so I did! SUCCESS!!! They turned out YUMMY!!! Soft, sweet, creamy~everything I remember a persimmon being, but with no huge seeds. I haven't tried to use them in my Aunt's wonderful Persimmon Pudding recipe yet, but that might be next; IF I can keep from eating them like a happy little raccoon (they are well known persimmon connoiseurs). I guess it took a WV mountain girl to know what it takes to ripen a persimmon~lol! 
Until next time, Stay Cozy, 
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