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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Will Return Soon

Dearest friends,

I am taking an extended leave from my dear little blog. My dad is now with us at our home and is very weak. He has been in the hospital all of last week due to failing kidneys and some heart issues. Over the past couple of years he has had several trips to the ER and some long hospital stays with problems varying from blocked carotid arteries, replacement of his defibrilator unit, mini-strokes and a few falls at home that left him a bit bumped up. His appetite is almost gone and he can only swallow soft foods and liquids. He can no longer eat his favorite food, pizza. We have him on Ensure and any soup or juices that he wants. He can eat mashed potatoes and gravy, but that is about it. Sometimes he just takes one or two bites and says that is all he can handle. It is VERY hard for me to see my daddy withering~my big strong daddy....

He says that he is tired of hospitals and doctors and has opted to come here to finish out his life with us. At his request, we have Hospice Care helping us. I am heartsick over it all. He is saved and has been a wonderful witness for our Lord and Savior. He says that he is ready to go home and is just waiting for the Lord to take him there. My mom has her own health problems and just can't handle seeing daddy becoming weaker. She wants to help him, but she is also not as physically strong as she once was. Her wonderful neighbors have been most generous and kind hearted to help take her to doctor's appointments and lend a hand when needed. We are very blessed to know such fine folks! I know that our Lord is faithful and that He will be there with us every step of the way! I am still having some issues with my fibro, but praying that the Lord will sustain me and keep me strong through all of this. I hope to be back sometime in January and maybe put on an occasional quick post just to keep in touch. Keep us in your prayers.

God bless you all and keep cozy,
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