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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Life at the Cottage.....

     Well, I think it is time for another blog post. I am trying to get back in the habit of coming here at least once a week to let you all know what I am up to. Facebook takes a lot of my time in the mornings but I so love seeing everyone there and stopping by their pages to comment on their posts. It is something that I really look forward to each day. 
     I have really been working on sorting through all of the stuff that has accumulated in our cottage through the years and especially over the past couple of years with the loss of both our mothers. There is just so MUCH of it all. Not to mention all of the toys, games and such that our ever growing son has outgrown and accumulated himself. I am starting to go through his closet and toy chests and games. Yes, embarrassing as it may seem, momma here has really had a hard time getting rid of all his toys. I guess that comes along with him being born to me later in life, being the "baby" and being an unexpected blessing. It just seems like it has been twice as hard on me to let go this time around. Poor kid, hope he doesn't end up with a Norman Bates syndrome~eeeek! Just kidding. (smile) 
     Yesterday I laundered a couple of loads of stuffed animals which will be donated to a thrift store run by a local church. They turned out so FLUFFY and smell so good, too. I almost cried while going through them. He always loved his stuffed animals when he was little. He was always one of those kids who insisted on sleeping with ALL of them. Sometimes it was hard to see him in the bed for all of the animals~lol! Gee, I miss those days. Now he has his video game system in the bed with him or the DS, or some other piece of technology~sigh. 
     But moving on back to my sorting: I also went through my closet and decided to donate some of the "skinny clothes" that I have been hanging on to for the past couple of years. I am not giving up on losing weight, I just know that these things would best be used by someone who can fit into them now. The Lord is good to me and I know that when I finally lose this weight He will provide the means for a new wardrobe for me. 
     I ended up with quite a nice little stack of items to be donated. I pray that they go to good homes where there is a need. The little thrift store where they are going is one of our favorite places to shop for things, as well. We have so much fun going there to look for clothes and I find a lot of pretty little containers to use for my flower arrangements. The money they earn from the items goes to help families in need with food and clothing. Their prices are really great and affordable for most everyone. The people there are kind and attentive without being overbearing or intrusive while you are shopping around. Good folks. I love donating to them. I always try to clean and repair any items which need attention. 
     God has been so GOOD to us, it is nice to be able to share those blessings with others. When those blessings flow in, it is a natural progression to let blessings flow out. When we don't we end up with hoarding issues. Too much stuff leads to stress, dis-organization and anxiety. Over time we can become completely stifled and end up throwing up our hands and saying, "what's the use". It feels good to start with even just one little closet. 
     Anyway, that is what I have been up to since my last little post. I am also sitting down every now and then with a new set of 72 Colored Pencils and trying to get back into my drawing mode. I still have the architectural markers I bought a few years ago so I might just have to pop those out of storage and put my "Artist" hat back on. You never can tell with me~lol! 
     I hope that you all have a sweet week. 

Stay Cozy, 
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