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Living Room
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Being Home

To me the most pleasant place to be is right here at home. I find such peace and contentment within these familiar old walls. Right now my hubby is out fishing a bit and our son is at a day camp learning about computer design programs and such and I am here all by my lonesome. It has been a quiet morning as I have scrolled all over FB and read blogs. I have sipped on my coffee and water and had a really good corned beef sandwich for my lunch~mmmm-mmm. I have put away one load of dishes from our good old dishwasher and started loading another~anyone else notice their dishwasher is NEVER empty for very long~lol! I am now taking a minute to post a little note on my blog to say "hello" to all who will stop by here. Loving the sweetness of this little time alone. God bless you all and hope that you are having a sweet day, too. 

Hugs from WV, 
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