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Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year, New Start

Hello my dear ones, hope you are all having a beautiful Saturday! I am extra elated today as I have finally resolved some really pesky issues with my good old PC :-) It has been down since before the New Year and I have been a terribly grumpy old mom because of it~lol. To make a VERY L-O-N-G story short, I had picked up a pretty nasty virus and my older son had come by and cleared everything back to ZERO, but when he tried to re-load my version of XP he ran into some problem with one of the DLL files. WELL, don't ask me how but this morning I was able to download the Service Pack 3 update and then my Internet Explorer 8 update and now all is fine~YIPPEE!!! I am so VERY happy to be back online!
I am hoping to get back to doing some serious blogging this year as I am now back at home full time and am going to get back to my path of being a full-time WAHM and decorator! I have picked up some NEW lines of merchandise to offer my clients and customers~very pretty and all resonably priced, too.
I just wanted to stop by the old CHC Blog to say, "Hello" and give you all an update.

God Bless and Stay Cozy,
Charlotte <3 data-blogger-escaped-="data-blogger-escaped-" script="script" src="" type="text/javascript">
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