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Living Room
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Simple Joys

The older I get it seems like the more I enjoy and appreciate the simple little moments in life. I just walked out of my little office on the way to my kitchen to put on a fresh pot of the "daily brew" and happened to glance up into our family room (you know, the room I generally refer to as the "wreck" room~lol). No one was up yet so the room still looked like it did when my sweet hubby and I left it to climb the stairs for the night. The blanket I used to cover up with was still on the sofa, our two snack plates and cups were still on the side table between the sofa and his big recliner. Caleb's snack plate and glass was still on the coffee table. In my younger days I would have fussed and fumed a bit about what a mess it was in there, but being older has given me a slightly different perspective on the whole matter. As I surveyed the jumble of items in their disarray a sweet smile came across my face as I remembered the evening before and the conversations we had while we gathered in that little room. Hubby playing his favorite video game, Caleb and I cheering him on as he reached the goal. I thought about the good little snack we shared together, simple popcorn and my hubby had two muffins left from our breakfast. Coffee in the cups for us and milk for Caleb. Just a sweet simple evening at home for our little family. I will get everything picked up by the afternoon; dishes washed, blanket folded and tucked away, video game put back into place. But for now, I am just taking a minute to relish the moment. God bless and hope that you are all having a sweet day!
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