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Living Room
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

God's Power Wash

Yesterday evening, God took time to power wash our area. We had quite a storm with winds whipping around us at 50-60 MPH, hail and buckets of rain. Our power shut off and then flashed back on again and the winds knocked over one of our sturdy wooden rockers on the front porch. Inside we were warm and dry, albeit a bit rattled by all of this raw, natural power! WOW, as my middle son would say, "Isn't God AWSOME!!!" After about 30 minutes or so, the storm died down to a gentle spring shower and finally came to an end sometime late in the evening. The wonderful part of the whole thing was not evident to me until this morning as I looked out of my living room window (mostly to make sure everything was still in place, and that we were, indeed, still in WV and not in a land of lollipop kids). What greeted me was a sense of CLEAN, a freshness in the air that I had not experienced for quite a while. Lately our air has smelled a bit salty and gritty due to the inevitable dousing the roads received during our last battle with snow and ice. But this morning everything was washed clean again. The Lord had used all of that drama of water and wind to begin His spring cleaning of the earth. How miraculous! I can almost feel the daffodils and crocus moving upward from under their sleepy wintertime beds. Not long now until the sweet song of spring birds will float on the soft fragrant breezes and the apple trees will burst forth with blooms. I feel inspired! I think I will start working on tossing out some of my winter time clutter. Maybe a new wreath for the door...oh the possibilities....

Until next time, Stay Cozy,
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