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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home is Where the Heart (and sweet memories) Are

Have you ever wondered just what power our homes have on the memories of our loved ones? When you think of times spent with family or friends enjoying special times together do you remember only the people, or do the surroundings suddenly come vividly to your mind, also? Chances are that you think of the sights around the memories and maybe even the smells and sounds as well.
I was thinking of my sweet Aunt Mary this morning and as I pondered the particular visit with her I was suddenly aware that my mind was also tracing out the details of her pretty living room around the thought. I could see her sofa, the huge Hendel lamp in her front window, the tiny crystal humming bird that hung on a string reflecting the sunlight into the space...Wow, I was there again, right down to the smell of her good cooking lingering in the air. What a powerful moment!
Sometimes we are all too ready to scrap everything and start all over again in decorating our homes. We want everything bright and shiny and new. I wonder if we are doing our memory a great unjustice by taking away things that could be what friends or family so closely connect with our homes. Maybe that special china cabinet filled with favorite knick-knacks or the set of end tables that once belonged to mom. These things that we take so for granted day to day might just hold some delightful details in the memory of someone dear to you. Cherish the things around you and count them as a blessing in making your home the cozy place that is all yours. Fill the spaces of your home with things that are both beautiful and have special meaning to you. Lovingly replace worn out items with items that are just as beautiful and unique. Keep tradition alive by asking friends or family members if they would have an interest in using items that you are putting aside if it holds any special memories for them. Your home is the one place on earth that people most identify you by. Take time to make it as special as you want to be remembered.

For now, stay cozy,
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