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Living Room
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Just My Place to Chat

I wanted take a minute this morning to post a note and say "hello" to all those that take a minute to stop by my little corner of the blog world to see what I am up to. As I was tooling through my posts, low and behold, I came upon some new comments. I can tell you, I LOVE comments!!! That is friendly, heartfelt comments from other bloggers. I was quite disturbed, however to learn that one of my commenters was using my little chatty, friendly blog to advertise a paid informational blog. The blog owner did not have a list of "friends" blogs, the content was all "canned" articles and no where on the site was anything about the owner's profile. Although the content was all about interior design, it was all from the very technical spectrum. Dear readers, I made one committment when I decided to create this little place on the web, it was to keep things chatty and nice and not to intimidate people with all of the jargon that is taught in interior design classes. This is my place to come and just share fun little tips and to learn fun little tips from fellow cottage enthusiasts like myself. I have hidden the comment from the canned blogger and, though I wish them best of luck with their business ventures, I will ask that this not be the place that they choose for FREE advertisement. I do love to link to fellow friendly bloggers with honest, original content. My friends list increases almost daily and I would, indeed, be honored to be listed as a friend on other blogs. Sorry for the bit of a rant this morning, just kind of hit me the wrong way.

Love to all, Stay Cozy,
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