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Living Room
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fresh looks

The most popular look in most every home decorating magazine today is the look of simplicity. Clean clear lines, uncluttered tables and simple color schemes rule the pages of nearly every publication from the most traditional to the avant guard. To achieve this look, start with freshly painted walls in a light, neutral tone such as off white or light tan. Add furnishings with straight lines and solid fabrics in a slightly deeper, coordinating tone. Tan, aqua and blue tones are the most favorable and fabrics used are often micro-fibers and twilled cotton blends for their ease of care. Select your accessories carefully, a few go a long way and make sure they are of a medium to large scale as too many tiny trinkets will cause even the most carefully coordinated room to feel cluttered. The accessories should fit the overall personality of the region or emotion that you are trying to create within the space.
Remember, the most important thing to remember is to keep it simple. For more information, look to sources such as Coastal Living or Real Simple magazines. You might also check out The Not So Big House books by Sarah Susanka for further inspiration.

Hope all is Cozy at your home,